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Poetry from Pink Elephants

All poetry below by Mary Lafleur
Copyright 1996, All rights reserved.

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Let's Pretend

Let's pretend the fire's lit.
It's cold outside
So here we'll sit
And tell our stories
Friend to friend
And weave the magic.
Let's pretend.


Icicles hang, pointed
Like teeth
Beneath the ledge
Biting back at the cold.

My Kingdom For A Blanket

My kingdom for a blanket
On a cold winter's night.
I love to feel all snuggly
And tucked in tight.

My kingdom for some cocoa
All steamy-brown and hot.
I gave away my kingdom?
Oh, I forgot.


Deep In The Forest

Deep in the forest
The cold winds blow
Covering the earth
In a sea of snow.

I spy a cave.
Sh, not a peep.
Look, can you see the bears
Fast asleep?
Big bears and little bears
Sound asleep.

The Secret

I know a secret
Still and small.
We planted daffodils
Last fall.
And know what else?
It's spring, and so
Quite soon the whole
Wide world will know.
They'll know without
One hint at all:
We planted daffodils
Last fall.

The Rug

There's a road in the rug
And I'm running round in circles,
And I'm leaning
Toward the middle, just to
Keep from falling down.

There's a circle in a circle
And I'm flying just a little
And I'm headed for a landing
On this dizzy patch of ground.

Dump truck, pick-up truck,
Lightning bug.
There's a pie in the oven.
There's a road in the rug.

The Puddle

There's a puddle in the middle
Of our city, and it's pretty,
But I wonder as I wander
Near the shore,
How much puddle doees it take
To become a comely lake
Not a piddle
Of a puddle


A tree with roots so deep
So deep, can become a boat
And made to creep
Across the water, like a wish,
Untangled, free as any fish.

Somebody Loves Me

Somebody loves me,
Want to know who?
It's not my mom,
Though she loves me, too.
It's not my dad,
Silly as can be.
He's always saying
That he loves me three.
It's not my sister,
Running out the door,
She doesn't talk much,
But she loves me four.
And my baby brother's
Just barely alive.
He doesn't talk at all,
But he loves me five.
And my friend, Hanna,
Shows me magic tricks,
So I know she loves me
At least six.
And Grandma and Grandpa
Let me stay up late.
So I say they love me,
Seven and eight.
And Maxwell Anderson,
That brave dog of mine,
Barks every day
That he loves me nine.
Even our babysitter
Now and then
Admits that she loves me
And that makes ten.

Somebody loves me.
Want to know who?
It's someone who's very
Very close to you.
I bet you can't guess it
If I count to three.

I'm that somebody!
I love me!

The Sun is Up

The sun is up
Between the trees
To wake the birds
And shake the breeze.

The sun is up
And shining bright:
Good morning, morning.
Good night, night.

Pink Elephants

Don't think about pink elephants --
Don't think about them now.
Think of anything at all
Anywhere or how
Think up or down
Or near or far
Across the continents,
But don't, and I mean don't
Think about pink elephants.

Seeing elephants
Pink, pink, pink?
That is what I thought you'd think.

Drip By Drip

Drip by drip
The raindrops slip
Between the tree's
Wide, windy grip.

Drop by drop
They softly plop
Into my fingers
Where they stop

Until I shake
My fingers free,
Just like the wind.
Just like the tree.

A Wonder

I wonder if the birds
Envy me with all my things,
Or if they know I envy them
Their tiny bones and wings.


You meet a dog, you greet a dog
You say, "How do you do?"
You meet a cat and fancy that
She's best of friends with you.
You meet a dog, you meet a cat
That's very fine; however,
I wouldn't throw a party
Just the three of you together.



The sun has set
The earth on fire
Again today,
Smoldering still
As embers dance
And drift away
Beneath dark skies:

Let's Pretend Again

Let's pretend
The fire's out
And we're all sleepy
Round about,
And I sing one more song
For you
And all your sweetest dreams
Come true.
Let's pretend.

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