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I Love My Day School
What is a day like for a child in preschool? From the time her feet "hit the floor" in the morning, to playing with friends in free time, molding playdough, gluing puffballs, building with blocks, playing dress-up, romping on the playground, enjoying apple juice and crackers, blowing bubbles, sharing lunch, resting on her very own little mat, to reading stories in circle-time, acting totally silly and finally being "together again" with Mom or Dad, it's a very busy day. We've even written a new song about washing your hands!

Awards and Reviews

History (written by Mary)
In 1995, I sang at the Zoofari Festival in Tulsa, OK. One of the committee members loved Pink Elephants and had been wanting, with a friend, to make a video like this one. Would I write songs and sing on the video? Yes!

Because I'd worked at a day care, I knew the routine and began writing songs. Meanwhile, they hired a crew to videotape the chidren at a day school in Tulsa. Later, they sent me 5 hours of edited tape and I wrote the verses according to what was happening on the tape, and wrote a few new songs as well, such as "Peek-a-boo" and "Bubbles." While touring in New England I had to write the nap-time song, but was very intimidated. What could I say? Finally, I just sat down one day and wrote "Sleepyhead" for one of my own kids and it became my favorite on the video.

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