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Riddles from Pink Elephants

By Mary Lafleur
Copyright 1996, All rights reserved.

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A Sound Riddle

I fall so gently to the ground
I hardly even make a sound.
But if you roll me in a ball
And throw me hard
Against a wall
You may hear whizzing
And after that
A thud or a pop
Or a wet ker-splat.
What am I?


A Little Riddle

I have a bowl named after me
As cozy a home as it can be
With one big window
Round and clear
It's very wet, but I like it here.
I'm not as rich
As my name implies
Especially for one my size.
What am I?

A Magical Riddle

I brush against your skin
And you may look
And I'll be there.
But you won't see me
Even then.
There's magic in the air.
What am I?

A Windy Riddle

Up in the air
When the wind is high
Here and there
I flit and fly.
I'd join the clouds
But can't fly free
For somebody else
Is flying me.
What am I?

A Drippy Riddle

I slosh in the ocean
Then quiet as a cloud
I drift in slow motion
Til I drip, drip loud.
What am I?


A Shiny Riddle

I don't come up.
You say I do.
I don't go down.
You say, too.
I shine like nothing else can
Or won't.
Even when you say I don't.
What am I?

A Difficult Riddle

Not always round
But never square.
Bright and shiny
When I'm there.
When I'm not
They call me new
But I am old,
Older than you.
What am I?


A Bent Riddle

Rain is spent.
Now colors bent
Frame a clear, blue sky.
What am I?


A Plucky Riddle

The wind
It blows my house around
And worms
I pluck them from the ground.
A song
I sing it sweet and clear
And wings
They fly when cats come near.
What am I?

A Long And Winding Riddle

I've run across the land
Ten thousand years
The same, or nearly same
Path to the sea,
But life is not as dull
as it appears
I never want for friends
Or company.
What am I?


A Playful Riddle

I bury bones
And bark at cars
And love to howl
Beneath the stars.
I like to eat
And love to play,
Not like cats
Who sleep all day.
What am I?

A Wiggly Riddle

I look like a bee
All black and yellow
But I'm a wiggly
Squiggly fellow,
Munching milkweed
At all hours
Someday I will dine
On flowers.
Then I won't be
A wiggly guy.
I'll have wings
To fly, fly, fly.
What am I?

A Handsome Riddle

In my pocket's something round
Though I can make it flat.
It holds a lot of stuff for me:
A book, a ball, a bat.
Sharp in parts, but mostly soft
With hard things in the middle
I've got two and so have you
But not this handsome riddle.
What am I?

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