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The Pet Project

All manner of pets are celebrated from tarantulas to turtles, donkeys to dogs. The variety of songs is terrific—from toe-tapping, snappy sing-alongs like “Donkey in the Bathtub” (a new family favorite!) to more pensive tunes like “Extraordinary”, about a dog who dials 911 to save her master. Mary and Kev's voices harmonize skillfully, and it's clear that they're having a great time making this music. The liner notes are sprinkled with pictures and punctuated with odd and interesting tidbits about animals and humans including the citation that Dr. Louis J. Camuti was the first veterinarian to devote his entire practice to the care of cats. Who gnu?

Ann Hillers ©2006 Parents' Choice
Parent's Choice Recommended

The Children's Music Web Awards 2006: Best Recording for Younger Children ages 5 to 8

"A loving entertaining musical valentine to all creatures great and small smartly performed and produced - makes you want to adopt a pet and why not?"
John Wood,

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