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Poetry from More Pink Elephants

All poems by Mary Lafleur
Copyright 1994, All rights reserved.
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 Something Has begun

Beneath the trees at the edge of the wood
Beyond the fields where the gray mice run
And over the hills where the bison stood --
Something has begun.


Along the cliffs at the edge of the sea
Deep in the grass where the crickets sing
And up in the clouds where the birds fly free --
Something's happening.

Something's happening to someone
Something silly or scary or fun
And if someone tells someone else
A story has begun --
A story that rings so incredibly true
You'll know when you hear it
It's all about you.

Daring Do

The kid with daring do will do it
Says it's easy. Nothing to it.
"When it's over," says the kid
"They'll say I'm full of daring did."

Whose Woods These Are

Whose woods these are I haven't a clue.
I don't see a sign anywhere, do you?
I don't see a house or a yard or a car.
No wait! There's a house, and it's beautiful, too.

Oh, Hansel, I know where we are!
We're over the rainbow, oh so far,
And this could be Glenda's own house
Made of sweets,
Not like our old house, made of plywood and tar.

Why don't we just help our two selves
To these treats?
They're probably all anyone here eats.
Gumdrops and licorice and chocolate in rows,
Instead of asparagus and cabbage and beets.

Isn't life wonderful? Who could suppose
We'd be so happy, but that's how it goes.
And where life will lead us, nobody knows.
And where life will lead us, nobody knows.

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