Riddles from More Pink Elephants

All riddles by Mary Lafleur
Copyright 1994, All rights reserved.
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A wild Riddle

Come follow me
Though I can't move
Still, I will lead you
Through the trees.
Come follow me
Though I've no voice
To call you on the breeze.
These woods are wild
As they can be.
I know them well,
Come, follow me.
What am I?


A safe Riddle

Gophers dig them underground.
Robins twig them
In the trees.
Beavers swat them
Safe and sound.
Have we all got them?
What are these?
What am I?

A Twisted Riddle

Wooden arms at funny angles
Hold my leafy fingers tight
And my twisted toes
Grow dirty
Far below and out of sight.
What am I?

A Scary Riddle

Are you afraid of me?
Don't be.
All that's here, now
Out of sight
Was here before
Except the light.
What am I?

A Solid Riddle

From end to end I span the air
So you can go from here to there.
I land on land, though I've no wings
I'm made of much more solid things.
What am I?


A Light Riddle

I never am without a light.
Together you have seen us.
Though hardly close,
Like day and night,
Something's always between us.
What am I?

A Blurry Riddle

Just before the lights go out
I shine in blurry orange and red
Like chalk upon a page of blue
Beyond a land of gingerbread.
What am I?


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